Wed 10 Mar / Webinar for French MFL Teachers

La francophonie, c’est la classe!

Mois de la Francophonie 2021

Integrating the Diversity of Francophone Cultures in the French MFL Class

What if the diversity of the French speaking world was a little more present in the French MFL class? How can we offer our students the opportunity to really experience the richness of Francophone cultures? What kind of classroom activities can we develop to make sure students get the best understanding of our contemporary Francophone world ? Find out in this webinar delivered in French by Emilie Lehr.

10 March 6pm

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About our Host:

Emilie Lehr is an Associate Expert with France Education International and TV5 Monde and a specialist of languages teaching through audio-visual resources. She has trained teachers of French around the world, from primary to higher education levels.