Wed 17 - Tue 30 Jun

June 1940: The Paris Exodus

80th Anniversary of the Appeal of 18 June

Hear Pr Hanna Diamond (Cardiff University), curator of the current exhibition Les Parisiens dans l’exode de 1940 at the musée de la Libération de Paris, telling the incredible story of the June 1940 Paris Exodus. In this exclusive interview she narrates the mass movements that displaced millions of French, including 2 millions Parisians, in spring 1940. Taken by surprise by the fast progress of the German army, they rushed South, towards what the 25 June Armistice would establish as the ‘zone libre’. These few weeks of panic were the brutal waking hours of the four-year authoritarian regime of Vichy, while de Gaulle was rising as its main counterfigure, from London.

▶️ Exclusive: slide behind the scenes of the exhibition