Wed 10 Nov

Living as a Bird with Vinciane Despret and Garry Marvin

The Earth Here and Now

A discussion with Vinciane Despret and Garry Marvin

In Living as a Bird, recently published in English at Polity (October 2021), Belgian philosopher Vinciane Despret sheds fresh light on the ways that birds construct their worlds and ornithologists have tried to understand them and enables us to become more aware of the multiple modes of existence that characterise the planet we share with other species. Joined in conversation by Garry Marvin, anthropologist and Professor of Human-Animal Studies, she will discuss the environmental issues underlined in her book.

Wed 10 Nov 6.30pm | £7- £5

This talk is part of The Earth Here and Now, a series of rendezvous on climate change with French and British thinkers on the occasion of the COP 26 held in Glasgow in November 2021

In partnership with Polity

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About our guests

Vinciane Despret (University of Liège) is a Belgian philosopher of science, whose work proposes new approaches to human-animal relations. She is considered to be a foundational thinker in what has now become the field of animal studies. More generally, she undertakes a critical understanding of how science is fabricated, following scientists doing fieldwork and the way they actively create links and specific relationships to their objects of study.

Garry Marvin (University of Roehampton) is a social anthropologist with a particular interest in how different cultures conceive of, experience, and interact with the natural world. He is also interested in local ecological and environmental knowledge and how that might be incorporated into schemes to promote an awareness of, and engagement with, cultural heritage.

photo: Vinciane Despret © Sylvère Petit



Wed 10 Nov