Notes on a Parisian commute

Tue 7 Sept

Notes on a Parisian Commute with Lauren Elkin & Lucie Paye

The author of Flâneuse: Women Walk the City joins the commuter crowds on the bus with this love letter to Paris written in iPhone notes. Lauren Elkin chronicles life in transit. From musings on Virginia Woolf and Georges Perec, to her first impressions in the aftermath of the 2015 terrorist attacks, her diary queries the lines between togetherness and being apart, between the everyday and the eventful, as she registers the ordinary makings of a city and its people.

On the day of the book’s UK and US publication, Lauren Elkin will be reading from No. 91/92, joined by London-based French debut novelist Lucie Paye for a conversation in French, followed by a Q&A in English.

Paris in intense, dramatic closeup — an insider’s entrancing view.‘ – Michèle Roberts

A compelling portrait of the many cities that hide within the singular name of Paris and the many selves we contain.’ – Darran Anderson, author of Inventory
Lauren Elkin’s commuter buses comprise a world where all existential concerns are present.’ – Sarah Manguso, author of Ongoingness
Paris – as viewed from the vantage point of a daily bus journey – is not so much exhausted as it is enchanted by the gift of attention: the work glitters with life.’ – Jenn Ashworth, author of Notes Made While Falling

Tue 7 Sept 6.30pm

Onsite: £7, conc. £5
Online: free livestream on Facebook and YouTube

About our guests:

Lauren Elkin is a nonfiction and fiction writer and translator. Originally from New York (the suburbs, then the city), she moved to Paris in 1999, where she had time to observe Parisian lifestyle and became a French citizen in 2015. She has recently translated into English a Simone de Beauvoir’s rediscovered novel The Inseperables (Vintage Classics), released in September. Beside her literary works, Elkin is also a researcher and is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Liverpool. She currently lives between Paris and Liverpool, with her partner and her son. Find out more about No.91/92: Notes on a Parisian Commute.

Lucie Paye is a London-based French writer and an art manager. Her first novel Les coeurs inquiets has been published in 2020 in French by Gallimard, where she unravels the story of a painter and of a woman who tries to find her lost love. Les coeurs inquiets will be released in 2022 in English by Les Fugitives.



Tue 07 Sept