Thu 21 May

Reclaiming the Paris Commune

The past few years have seen a rapid rise in the political and cultural reappropriation of public and private space. From Madrid to Istanbul, and Athens to New York, the Paris Commune is back in the social imaginary and influences a new generation of writers, activists and artists. Despite its short life, the great 72-day worker-led insurrection thoroughly transformed Parisian society and its effects rippled across the globe, acting as a personal and intellectual turning point for some of the 19th centuries leading thinkers.

Professor of Comparative Literature Kristin Ross will be joined in conversation by writer and journalist, Owen Hatherley (Militant Modernism, A New Kind of Bleak and A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain) to discuss her new book, Communal Luxury, which aims to excavate the political thought of the Paris Commune in light of contemporary concerns for the environment, internationalism, the future of labour and the status of art.

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