Thu 20 - Sun 23 Mar

Semaine de la Francophonie

Time to take out your bonjour and your c’est la vie, your joie de vivre and a certain je ne sais quoi: the International Week of French Language and Francophonie is back! Every year around the 20th of March, French language lovers around the world are invited to celebrate the most romantic of Romance languages! Join us for an evening of theatre improvisation at Ciné Lumière, during which actors from different countries will engage in a battle of wits and creativity, mixing humour and cleverness to win the favour of the public. If you’ve ever wondered how pigs fly in French, come for a free talk on French idioms and their English equivalents by Thora van Male, whose recent book on the subject covers over 200 colourful idioms. Other events around the country include a French drama festival for schools in Bristol; an online competition, Vive la Francophonie, for students wishing to test their knowledge of the francophone world; debating competitions for secondary and university students; a call for artistic contributions around ten French words with Tate, and much more.

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