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Results DELF PRIM – May 2018
Results DELF-DALF – March 2018
Results DELF Junior – March 2018
Results DELF-DALF – December 2017
Results DELF Junior – December 2017
Results DELF-DALF – September 2017
Results DELF Junior – June 2017
Results DELF-DALF June 2017
Results DELF PRIM – June 2017 (petites écoles françaises)
Results – DELF PRIM – May 2017
Results – DELF-DALF – March 2017
Results – DELF Junior – March 2017
Results – DELF-DALF – December 2016
Results – DELF Junior – December 2016
Results – DELF DALF Tout Public Junior – June 2016
Results – DELF Junior – June 2016
Results – DELF PRIM – June 2016
Results – DELF PRO – May 2016
Results – DELF DALF – March 2016
Results – DELF Junior – March 2016
Results – DELF Junior – January 2016
Results – DELF DALF – December 2015

Results certificate, for candidates who passed, with detailed score is now available for collection at the Institut français, 13 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2JN.

We are open:
9am – 8.30pm Monday – Thursday
9am – 4pm Friday
9.30am – 3.30pm Saturday

In accordance with DELF-DALF regulations, you will be required to collect your certificate within 2 weeks and to show official proof of identity, so please remember to bring your passport or driving licence (or National ID card for non-UK citizens) with you when you call in at the Institut français – please note that gym, library, bank or travel cards etc… will not be accepted.

We regret but we are not at liberty to send certificates or diplomas directly to candidates.

Please note that no detailed results will be given over the phone or by email. Your detailed scores are on your certificate.

Your exam results have been sent to the CIEP in Paris and your final diploma will be sent from Paris in approximately 6 months’ time. You will be notified by email when we receive your diploma.

If you are unable to collect your results certificate and/or your diploma yourself someone else can do it on your behalf. This person should provide his/her official proof of ID (work, gym, travel or library cards, school/university ID and bank cards will not be accepted as proof of identity) and a printed signed letter from you allowing him/her to do so.