Short Courses

This autumn, a variety of new exciting 15-hours short courses designed to help you improve your French, is available.

Through our short courses, we provide a relaxed atmosphere in a French immersion. Whether it’s a course on culture, literature, or general conversation, broaden your knowledge of French and France in a fun and interactive way!

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Refresh your Level
A1 (Beginner 1-2)
A2 (Elementary 2-3)
B1 (Intermediate 3-4)
B2 (Fluent 3-4)
C1 (Expert 3-4)
10 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£110 (no early booking discount)

For students who have reached the end of the level:

this refresher course will help you brushing up your knowledge in grammar, listening, speaking, writing and reading, with a program based on intensive revision.

This level program is ideal to get ready for:

  •  after a long holiday break
  • to refresh your skills before the DELF exam
  • or just to get prepared before your holidays in France!
Wed | 10.00am - 12.00pm
11 Sept - 9 Oct 2019
Fri | 10.00am - 12.00pm
13 Sept - 11 Oct 2019
Sat | 10.00am - 12.00pm
14 Sept - 12 Oct 2019
Beginners (A1+ to A2-)
Thu | 10.00am to 1.00pm
15 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£172 (no early booking discount)

Develop your French conversational skills in a wide range of topics.

This course is intended for near-beginners in French.

It allows them to practice their oral skills at a level with which they are comfortable and to gain more fluency and more confidence in using the language in a variety of basic day-to-day situations.

12 Sept - 10 Oct 2019
French Cultural Icons
Fluent to Expert B2 to C1
15 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£172 (no early booking discount)

Do you know L’Abbé Pierre, Belmondo, Coco Chanel, Catherine Deneuve, Coluche, la dictée, Perrier, la Cocotte-minute, Canard Enchaîné, les grandes écoles,  ‘Métro, boulot, Dodo’, la 2CV, Sempé, la pétanque, la rentrée, le Tiercé, Victor Hugo?
Improve your communication with French people
Join in everyday conversation in France with confidence
Understand the underlying cultural message of your French counterparts

Aims: Enrich your cultural knowledge through reading, speaking and watching documentaries and film excerpts.

Tutor: With more than twenty years of teaching experience Cécile has had the opportunity to teach a wide range of courses both in Higher and Continuing education. After her graduation in translation (Master’s degree), she specialised in Teaching French as a Foreign language in France. She went on to further study teaching and learning and holds a Master’s degree in Higher and Professional Education (London).

Teaching approach: You will read and watch materials related to iconic symbols (celebrities, gastronomy, institutions, daily life and language). You will discuss icons with the support of quotes, opinions and questions.

Course material: Written materials, films and documentaries’ excerpts.

Student’s involvement: You will be encouraged to read and research the cultural symbols and related vocabulary studied in class, give presentations and take part in discussions.

Tue | 10.00am to 1.00pm
10 Sep - 08 Oct 2019
One week, One book
Fluent to Expert (B2 to C1)
Wed | 10.00pm to 1.00pm
15 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£172 (no early booking discount)

For those wishing to gain insight into French society while perfecting their linguistic skills.

Tutor: Christiane Di Matteo has four masters degrees: Language Engineering, French as a Foreign Language, English and Literary Translation.

Aims: To discuss various books (mostly contemporary), enhance linguistic & grammatical skills.

Teaching approach: Analysis and commentary of Francophone novels  & improvement of vocabulary & grammar.

Student’s involvement: Students will be asked to take part in discussions and express their point of view in a relaxed and interactive environment. They will also have opportunities to improve vocabulary and grammar skills through written work.

Course material: 

Jézabel – Irène  NEMIROWSKY 1936 – Classique

L’Hygiène de L’Assassin – Amélie NOTHOMB 2004 – Populaire

Sans feu ni lieu –  Fred Vargas 2006 – Polar

L’attentat Yasmina –  KHADRA 2011 – Politique

Mémé dans les orties –  Aurélie Valognes 2016 – Humour

11 Sep - 9 Oct 2019
Fluent to Mastery (B2 to C2)
Tue | 10.00am - 1.00pm
15 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£172 (no early booking discount)

Tutor: Dominique Pourtau-Darriet began leading writing workshops at the Institut Français in 2005. She is taking a sabbatical to write a novel. Laetitia Kouzmenkov, who studied journalism and attended Dominique’s workshops, will lead the class. She has been teaching French to adults since 2002.

Aims: Use this four weeks‘ themed course as a taster to see how efficient it is to combine language learning with creativity. Be inspired to write your own texts in French (memories, chronicles, poetry, autofiction) whilst exploring what it takes to gently switch from the “je” (autobiographical writing) to the “jeu” (fiction), developing your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in a stimulating workshop environment.

Teaching approach: The course will use material (photos, extracts from published authors, etc…) which promote creativity and writing exercises followed by reading and discussing around the written texts combining in the process oral and written skills.

Course materials: Anything which can stimulate and inspire us in our writing!

Student’s involvement: Students’ progress will be assessed through rewriting tasks, completed at home and then marked by your teacher. 

10 Sep - 08 Oct 2019
Revise your DELF B2
Fluent (B2)
Tue | 10.00am to 1.00pm
15 hours over 5 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£172 (no early booking discount)

Tutor: Christiane di Matteo has three masters’ degrees’ a post-master’s: English; Literary Translations ; French as a Foreign Language ; and Language Engineering. She’s been teaching exams’ classes for a long time. She is a corrector, examiner and DELF/DALF tutor.

Aims: In this class, you will familiarize yourself with specific exam formats, question styles and examiners’ expectations.

Teaching approach: Each session offers ample opportunities to develop the practical skills you need to perform better in formal exam situations.

Course materials: Students will be asked to download custom resources specifically chosen for this course. The teacher will provide complimentary documents to help students gain proficiency in the four key skill areas.

Student’s involvement: Students will be asked to complete exercises at home every week to consolidate their progress in class.

10 Sep - 08 Oct 2019