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Short Courses

We are offering a unique set of short French courses to help you make the most of your time.

Whether it’s a course on culture and society, French cultural icons, grammar or cinema, let our expert teachers bring the best of France to you without leaving London!

We also offer Standard, Intensive, Young learners courses and other Workshops over the summer.

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Fluent to Mastery (B2 to C2)
Tue | 10.00am - 1.00pm
12 hours over 4 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£150 (no early booking discount)


Themed workshop: Jouer le “je”…

Tutor: Dominique Pourtau-Darriet started teaching French as a Foreign Language in London in 1984. She began running creative writing workshops for the French Institute in 2005.

Aims: Use this four weeks‘ themed course as a taster to see how efficient it is to combine language learning with creativity. Be inspired to write your own texts in French (memories, chronicles, poetry, autofiction) whilst exploring what it takes to gently switch from the “je” (autobiographical writing) to the “jeu” (fiction), developing your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in a stimulating workshop environment.

Teaching approach: The course will use material (photos, extracts from published authors, etc…) which promote creativity and writing exercises followed by reading and discussing around the written texts combining in the process oral and written skills.

Course materials: Anything which can stimulate and inspire us in our writing!

Student’s involvement: Students’ progress will be assessed through rewriting tasks, completed at home and then marked by your teacher. 

12 Sep - 03 Oct 2017
Language & French Society
Expert to Mastery (C1 to C2)
Tue | 1.30pm- 4.30pm
12 hours over 4 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£150 (no early booking discount)

Improve your language skills & discuss current cultural and social issues.

For those wishing to gain insight into French society while perfecting their linguistic skills.

Tutor: Christiane Di Matteo has four masters degrees: Language Engineering, French as a Foreign Language, English and Literary Translation.

Aims: To discuss various themes (news, politics, culture, education, work, leisure, etc.) to better understand the different faces of contemporary society and improve linguistic skills (spoken production and listening comprehension).

Teaching approach: Analysis and commentary of authentic audio and written materials, presentations and discussions, guided reading of literary texts.

Course materials for September 2017 :

– “Parce-que je t’aime”, Guillaume MUSSO

Student’s involvement: Students will be asked to take part in discussions and express their point of view in a relaxed and interactive environment.

12 Sep - 03 Oct 2017
Grammar through songs
Beginner to Elementary (A1 to A2)
Sat | 10.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm
10 hours over 2 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£110 (10 hours over 2 weeks)

From Aznavour to Zaz via Booba, Gainsbourg, Piaf and many more, come and enjoy two days of French music. While improving your listening skills through a variety of exercises based on songs from celebrated or emerging French-speaking artists, revise basic grammar and use it in conversation.

For students with some notions of French who wish to brush up their grammar.

Tutor : With many years teaching professional and academic public, the tutor will guide you through a variety of activities and exercises to revise grammar and speak confidently in a fun and dynamic atmosphere as well as share her love of language and culture with you.

Aims :

  • Revise basic grammar through the study of songs.
  • Discuss songs and engage in conversation using grammar with accuracy.
  • Enhance your knowledge of French music.

Grammatical content:

  • Simple and complex question forms
  • Present tense
  • Imperative mood
  • Future tenses
  • Past tenses
  • Negative forms
  • Gender of nouns
  • Agreement of adjectives
  • Definite and indefinite articles
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Direct and indirect object pronouns
  • Subjunctive mood
  • Relative pronouns
  • Cause and consequence
  • Opposition and concession
  • Temporal expressions
16 sep - 23 Sep 2017
French cultural icons
Fluent to Expert (B2 to C1)
12 hours over 4 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£150 (no early booking discount)

Do you know L’Abbé Pierre, Belmondo, Coco Chanel, Catherine Deneuve, Coluche, la dictée, Perrier, la Cocotte-minute, Canard Enchaîné, les grandes écoles,  ‘Métro, boulot, Dodo’, la 2CV, Sempé, la pétanque, la rentrée, le Tiercé, Victor Hugo?
Improve your communication with French people
Join in everyday conversation in France with confidence
Understand the underlying cultural message of your French counterparts

Aims: Enrich your cultural knowledge through reading, speaking and watching documentaries and film excerpts.

Tutor: With more than twenty years of teaching experience Cécile has had the opportunity to teach a wide range of courses both in Higher and Continuing education. After her graduation in translation (Master’s degree), she specialised in Teaching French as a Foreign language in France. She went on to further study teaching and learning and holds a Master’s degree in Higher and Professional Education (London).

Teaching approach: You will read and watch materials related to iconic symbols (celebrities, gastronomy, institutions, daily life and language). You will discuss icons with the support of quotes, opinions and questions.

Course material: Written materials, films and documentaries’ excerpts.

Student’s involvement: You will be encouraged to read and research the cultural symbols and related vocabulary studied in class, give presentations and take part in discussions.

Tue | 10.00am - 1.00pm
12 Sep - 03 Oct 2017
Thu | 10.00am - 1.00pm
14 Sep - 05 Oct 2017
Refresh your French cinema
Intermediate to Fluent (B1 to B2)
Fri | 10.00am to 1.00pm
12 hours over 4 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£150 (no early booking discount)

Refresh your French Cinema is designed to help you improve your French through movies and develop your knowledge of cinema by practising your French.  

Aims: You will develop a feel for the pace and rhythm of spoken French. Additionally, you will put what you have learned so far into practice by discussing actively about films and their socio-cultural background.

Teaching approach: This short-course will focus on one film which will be discussed, analysed and interpreted to provide you with a specific vocabulary to encourage your fluency. You will be as well introduced to the history and evolution of French cinema through a selection of the most significant film’s extracts and be familiarised with the basics of film analysis.

15 Sep - 06 Oct 2017
Refresh your A2 skills
Elementary (A2)
Wed | 10.00am - 1.00pm
12 hours over 4 weeks
Up to 15 students
South Kensington
£150 (no early booking discount)

For students who have reached the A2.2/A2.3 level: this refresher course will help you brushing up your knowledge in grammar, listening, speaking, writing and reading, with a program based on the Elementary (A2) level.

This course involves:

– social interaction: forms of address and courtesy when meeting people, replying to questions on one’s profession and leisure interests, invitations…

– going out and about: making a simple transaction in a shop, making inquiries about a journey, using public transport, requesting basic information, asking one’s way and giving directions, asking for and providing services and products for everyday needs.

This survival level program is ideal to get ready for your A2.3/B1.1 course after a long holiday break, to refresh your A2 skills before the DELF exam, or just to get prepared before your holidays in France!

13 Sep - 04 Oct 2017
Get a taste of French Food!
Intermediate to Mastery (B1 to C2 )
Mon - Fri | 9.30am - 12pm
Up to 16 students
South Ken + Bond Street
£ 300

The Institut français has teamed up with “l’Atelier des Chefs” to offer the best course you have ever dreamed of!

Combine language lessons and culture with a French cooking course!

Our French touch: one session with a real French Chef in Central London at the end of the course.

Learning all about French gastronomy and enjoy a unique French meal at the end of the course all made by yourself!

Improve your French vocabulary and culinary skills in a hands-on class and come up with a special French dish.

Discover a fantastic way to communicate in French with one of our specialised tutors and meet a real Chef to put into practice the theory you have learned.

The last lesson will be in a real kitchen in the heart of London. Enhance your culinary vocabulary as you chop, whisk and stir your way through classic French recipes.

A table!

To be confirmed
1 week
Get a taste of French Wine!
Intermediate to Mastery (B1 to C2 )
Thu | 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Up to 15 students
South Ken
£ 75 (no early booking discount)

Enhance your wine knowledge and tasting skills while improving your French vocabulary. This wine tasting course will definitely grab you by the taste buds and jolt your senses.

Our French touch: 3 to 4 wines to be tasted all along the course

France is one of the oldest as well as largest producers of wine in the world, with huge regional variation to match its cuisine.

Swirl, sniff and slurp through 3 to 4 different wines as we explore classic and on-trend wines from all the major French regions.

Sample the most refined wines and learn the ropes of wine making: overview and history of French wine culture, key grape varieties, wine classification system, wine and food matching, and the art of Wine Tasting…

With the best wines, the expertise of our specialised French teacher, a convivial atmosphere, you are guaranteed to spend a delightful evening each week!

To be confirmed
1 day