My French Podcast

8 April 2024

Immerse yourself in a week of creativity when you’ll be crafting your own podcast in French at Bibliothèque Quentin Blake! 

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More about the course

    Craft your unique podcast with our specialist’s guidance, Romain Baousson. Explore diverse topics and express your creativity through storytelling in this creative journey! 
    Engage in a French immersion, where students will collaborate to design an online scenario through interactive and hands-on activities, enhancing language skills and fostering teamwork and creativity.
    The technical podcasting material will be provided by the tutor. Designed for a fun and educational time exploring French culture.
    As the creator, composer, and author of ‘Club Citrouillade’,, a podcast for young learners, Romain accumulated over 100.000 listeners and achieved a top-10 ranking among Slate podcasts. 


  • No level assessment is required for this course.

Upon registration, you will be awarded a complimentary membership to enjoy films at our cinemas, books at our library, online perks, and more.


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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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