La Famille Bélier, a Feel-good Movie à la française at Ciné Lumière!

La Famille Bélier

11 - 23 Sept

New Release

As the only non-deaf member of her family, 16 year-old Paula is faced with a painful dilemma when her music professor encourages her to audition for the prestigious Maîtrise de Radio France music college in Paris. Will she stay with her family who needs her as their ears and mouth or will she take her first steps to independence and adulthood? This feel-good movie both moving and hilarious was one of the biggest hits in France last year.

What's On

45 Years

Until 17 Sept

New Release

Andrew Haigh’s subtle depiction of the fractured relationship between a couple won his two leads, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courteney, the Silver Bear prize at the last Berlinade.


12 - 17 Sept

Classic Re-release

Filmed in sumptuous black and white, and full of scenes of lush, strange beauty, it tells the story of Vittoria (Monica Vitti), a young woman who leaves her older lover (Francisco Rabal), then drifts into a relationship with a confident, ambitious young stockbroker (Alain Delon).

37°2 le matin

13 Sept

Sunday French Classics: 120 Years of Cinema

Zorg starts a passionate relationship with the impulsive Betty. Discovering one day the notebooks in which he has been scribbling his novel, she promptly burns down the house and forces him to go to Paris in search of fame with her… L’ amour fou seen by Beineix…

Lacombe Lucien

16 Sept

Patrick Modiano Series

Written by Louis Malle and Patrick Modiano, Lacombe Lucien is a film on the WW2 France occupation that won the BAFTA Best Picture Award in 1975. An introductory talk will discuss examples of Patrick Modiano’s work and his contribution to French and international literary scenes, while guiding us through Modiano’s Paris.

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18 - 24 Sept

New Release

Director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, Welcome to New York) charts the last day in Pasolini’s extraordinary life, creating a cool and engaging portrait of a man both devoted to his mother and the thrill of danger.

The Priest's Children

18 - 23 Sept

New Release

This Croatian dark comedy is centered on a young Catholic priest, who teams up with the newsagent and the pharmacist to pierce condoms in order to abolish all forms of birth control.

Oblivion Season

19 Sept

As part of My Persian Nights

Abbas Rafei’s film portrays an Iranian woman who tries to overcome religious and traditional dogmatism in order to stay alive.