A brand-new boutique cinema

Building on the success of the 230-seat Ciné Lumière, the Institut has decided to open a new boutique cinema for a more flexible and richer programming.
  • More screenings
Ciné Lumière’s activity has been soaring since its renovation in 2009, each year hosting approximately 50 film premieres, 80 special guests and 16 international festivals. As a cosy 34-seat cinema, Ciné Lumière II will provide our public with more screening opportunities. In total, the new cinema will allow us to organise 780 new screenings each year!
  • More genre diversity
The size of Ciné Lumière II will give the Institut enough flexibility to feature specific programmes sought after by niche audiences: short films, TV series, documentaries, animation, visual arts...

France has a vibrant creative scene; it is high time we create a space to unveil it!