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Our Annual Sponsors

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Our Trustees

Lady Emma Arbuthnot
Sylvie Bressler
Jacques Gabillon
Vincent Gombault
Thierry Groell
Sir John Holmes
Francis Lang
Xavier Mayer
Marc Mourre
Edward Reed
Sir John Scarlett
Diane Segalen
Benoît Verbrugghe

Last update 13/01/2021

Our Patrons’ Circle

All our thanks go to the Patron’s Circle who is supporting Friends of the French Institute trust in all its philanthropic activities.

Vanessa Aubry
Amine Bel Hadj Soulami
Hortense de Mitry
Bruno & Benoît Bertrand-Delfau
Sylvive Bressler
Olivier & Erika Decanniere
Isabelle Ealet
Vincent & Florence Gombault
Francis Lang
Charles Lorenceau
Bertrand Michaud
Nicolas Motelay
Marc & Odile Mourre
Bernard Oppetit & Olga Jegunova
Michel Pérétié
Franck Petitgas
Julien & Aurélie Riant
Sir John Scarlett KCMG, OBE & Lady Scarlett
Benoît & Olivia Verbrugghe

Last update 13/01/2021

Our Project Donors

Projet Connexion

The Institut français and the Trust would like to express their gratitude to the Patrons of the Projet Connexion for enabling innovation and contributing to the realisation of a new vision for the future by supporting the digital transformation of the Institut.




Marc et Odile Mourre
Vincent et Florence Gombault
Benoît et Olivia Verbrugghe


Pierre-Henri Flamand
The Claude and Sofia Marion Foundation

We would like to extend our thanks to Francis Lang for his generous contribution to the improvement of accessibility in the building by supporting the creation of a lift.

Last update 23/06/2020


Projet Lumière(s)

The Institut français would like to express its immense gratitude to all the Patrons who have committed to support the Projet Lumière(s).


Aline Foriel-Destezet



Jacques & Stéphanie Gabillon
Vincent & Florence Gombault
Ralph & Yolande Kanza

The Claude and Sofia Marion Foundation
The NDL Foundation

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Francis & Marie-France Lang
Xavier & Kathleen Mayer
Marc & Odile Mourre


Samir & Tania Assaf
Léon & Sylvie Bressler
Pierre-Henri Flamand
Philippe Foriel-Destezet
Thierry & Elena Groell
Lady Rosa Lipworth CBE
Simon Majaro MBE
Alain & Elisabeth Philippe
Joseph Seelig OBE
Brigitte & Derek Williams

L’école de Battersea
L’école des Petits

LGT Vestra LLP

and many other contributors.
Last update 22/10/2018

La Mediathèque

The Institut français is very grateful to the ‘Friends of the French Institute’ Trust and to its generous donors, whether they are individuals, companies or foundations, for their unfailing support to the renovation project of La Médiathèque. We would like to thank them wholeheartedly:


Aline Foriel-Destezet
Odile & Marc Mourre


Major Donors

Jean-Luc Allavena
Patrick & Valérie Degorce
Isabelle Ealet & John Corbani
Pierre-Henri & Dorothée Flamand
Jacques & Stéphanie Gabillon
Patrick Healy & Isabelle Georgeaux
Ralph & Yolande Kanza
Alix & Mathieu Laine
Xavier & Kathleen Mayer
Nicolas & Nathalie Motelay
Michel & Ellen Plantevin

The Claude & Sofia Marion Foundation
The NDL Foundation

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Premium Donors

Eric & Majda Aouani
Antoine & Sarra Badel
Sophie & Emmanuel Boussard
Léon & Sylvie Bressler
Jean-Philippe & Nathalie Chomette
Emmanuel & Anne-Cécile Clair
Charles de Croisset
Michel & Hélène David-Weill
Benjamin & Claire Dupuy
Philippe Foriel-Destezet
Vincent & Florence Gombault
Thierry & Elena Groell
Benoît & Cécile Helly d’Angelin
Dominique & Anne-Rose Lancksweert
Francis & Marie-France Lang
Hugues & Emmanuelle Lepic
Michel & Rana Massoud
Estibalitz & Maxence Mesny
Bernard & Anne Oppetit
Nicholas & Mirella Otten
Jean R. & Virginia S. Perrette
Franck & Catherine Petitgas
Alain & Elisabeth Philippe
Emmanuel Roman
Ely Michel Ruimy
Sir John Scarlett KCMG, OBE & Lady Scarlett
Aude & Jules Taittinger
Michel & Claudia Taittinger
Benoît & Olivia Verbrugghe
BC Partners Foundation
The Anna and Michael Zaoui Foundation
The De Brye Charitable Trust
Bouygues UK
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
L’Ecole des Petits et l’Ecole de Battersea



Alex & Isabelle Abadie
Habib & Tina Achkar
Mark & Gioia Battistoni
Marion Bentata
Alexandre Bernigaud
Marie Bernon
Paul Berry
Renaud Billard
Emmanuel & Anne-Sophie Blouin
Marc & Delphine Bordier
Valérie Borne
Jeanne Bottin
Annaig & Vincent Boyer
Frédérique Brisset
Lauriane Buffé
Ray Carlson
Tanneguy Cazin d’Honincthun
Jean-François & Catherine Cécillon
Vincent & Isabelle Chéney
Michel & Geneviève Contie
Frédéric & Sylvie Court
Etienne & Amaia de Merlis
Josselin & Alice de Roquemaurel
Paul Davis & Guadalupe Cortina-Davis
Laurent Debenedetti & Deborah Zurkow
Elisabeth Delahaye
Matthieu & Agathe Delannoy
Sébastien Duc
John & Céline Duckworth
Matthieu & Marie-Anne Duncan
Emmanuel Escourido
Sir Jonathan Evans KCB & Lady Evans
Han & Xavier Eyraud
Anne Faure
Therese & Peter Fontana
Jérôme & Cécile Fossy
Mathieu Gillet
Jenny & Melville Guest
Martine Hamon
Lionel & Caroline Haroche
Laurent Henrio & Maia Morgensztern
Fred & Nicola Huet
Laurent & Marie Issaurat
Pierre & Faiza Janselme
Steven & Shalini Singh Johnson
Sindre Kaspersen
Christophe & Céline Khaw
Jean-François & Catherine Lambert
Dr Payman & Dr Carla Langroudi
David & Annie Lass
Lionel & Valérie Laurant
Gérard & Katrin Legrain
Arnaud & Gwénaëlle Mallet
Henry & Claire Maxey
Stephen & Elisabeth Maxwell
Luc Michalski
Liora & Michel Modiano
Nicolas & Kelly Moiseeff
Gaëlle Mourre
Sylvain Mudikongo Bolisa Katunda
Paul O’Connor & Barbara Berckmans Emmanuel & Karen Onillon
Marina Papa-Sokal
Sacha Perelroizen
Mathieu Plubeau
Xavier & Florence Quattrocchi
Georgia Robert Auger
Stephen & Marie-Hélène Somerville
Patrick Tantra & Maude Pinet
Ian & Tina Taylor
Yoann & Xin Turpin
Frédéric & Laetitia Vecchioli
Simona & Mike Vincent
Aurélie Vuillermoz
L’Oréal UK & Ireland
Morgan Stanley
And many other contributors.
Updated list the April 20, 2016


In 2011, our Steinway Piano was moved to Steinway’s workshop in order to be fully restored. The instrument is a model C Grand Piano from 1966, and is considerably older than the pianos found in most music venues. This restoration improved the quality of our concert series and provided professional pianists with an instrument in perfect condition.

We are thankful to everyone who participated in this project and helped collect a total amount of £25,000 in 2012:

Anne & Bernard Oppetit
Catherine Petitgas
Charles Rose
Christiane Gould-Krieger
Colin Bryce
Emmanuelle Dotezac-Court
Isabelle Ealet
Jean Perrette
Jean Peters
Jean-Claude Langer
Julien Sevaux
Marc & Odile Mourre
Nathalie Rachou
Neville Abraham
Nicolette Kwok
Pamela & Simon Majaro
Paul-André & Anne Rabate
Philippe Lautard
Rich Hughes
Roy & Celia Palmer
Salim Moollan
Sir John Scarlett KCMG, OBE & Lady Scarlett
Stephen & Marie-Hélène Somerville
Stephen Pollock-Hill
Thierry Groell
Xavier Denecker
Xavier Mayer & Kathleen Verelst
Yana Alexandroff

Morgan Stanley Matching funds


We would like to thank our donors for their generous support of Diaphonique, the Franco-British fund for contemporary music.

Benefactors Platinum
Claude and Sofia Marion Foundation
Elena andThierry Groell
Mrs Aline Foriel-Destezet
Odile and Marc Mourre

Benefactors Gold
Mrs Gabriella Bassatne
Sandra and Pierre Bernheim
John and Isabelle Corbani
M. Philippe Foriel-Destezet
M. and Mrs Arnaud Massenet
M. and Mrs Benoît Savoret

Benefactors Silver
Majda and Eric Aouani
M. and Mrs François-Xavier Bellon
M. and Mrs Charles de Croisset
Emma and Thibault Vaslet de Fontaubert
M. and Mrs Xavier Mayer
M. Salim Moollan
M. and Mrs Julien Sevaux
The Morgan Stanley Foundation


Culturethèque is an online multimedia library that gives UK residents free access to hundreds of documentaries, audiobooks, lectures and thousands of books for free. The trust The Friends of the French Institute and the kind donors listed below offered this digital font of French knowledge in 2010 to digital enthusiasts. Our warmest thanks go to them for allowing to raise the £350,000 needed to complete the project

Majda & Eric Aouani
Sandra & Pierre Bernheim
John & Isabelle Corbani
Dorothée & Pierre-Henri Flamand
Emma & Thibault de Fontaubert
Thierry & Elena Groell
Odile & Marc Mourre
M. & Mme Jean-Pierre Mustier
Anne & Bernard Oppetit
Jean-René & Virginia Perrette
Anne & Paul-André Rabate

The Claude & Sofia Marion Foundation
Morgan Stanley International Foundation


Ciné Lumière

Ciné lumière is a premier destination for all culture aficionados. In 2008, it was renovated, thanks to a campaign which raised £800,000. We would like to thank our generous partners for their help and support.

Corporate Donors

Corporate Benefactors “Rouge”


Corporate Benefactor “Blanc”

Corporate Benefactors “Bleu”


Corporate Benefactors



Individual Donors

Benefactor “Bleu Blanc Rouge”
Benefactors who wish to remain anonymous

Benefactors “Rouge” Benefactors “Blanc” Benefactors “Bleu”
Anne et Bernard Oppetit
Catherine et Franck Petitgas
Claude and Sofia Marion Foundation
Dorothée et Pierre-Henri Flamand
John et Isabelle Corbani
M. Philippe Foriel-Destezet
Odile et Marc Mourre
M. et Mme Michel Taittinger
M. Daniel Sigaud
Michael et Anna Zaoui
Michele et Sylvain Hefes
Terry et Jean de Gunzburg
André et Jacqueline Bénard
Anne et Paul-André Rabate
Caroline et Gaël Dutheil de la Rochère
Cécile et Benoit Helly d’Angelin
Driss et Heli Ben-Brahim
Francesca et Emmanuel Gavaudan
Francis et Marie-France Lang-Amiot
Janet et Jean-François Cristau
M. et Mme Charles de Croisset
M. et Mme Eric Aouani
M. et Mme J. F. Cécillon
M. et Mme Jean-François Decaux
Mme Elisabeth Delahaye
Mme Isabelle Georgeaux & Mr Patrick Healy
Raphaëla et Maximilian Vaslet de Fontaubert
Sandra et Pierre Bernheim
Stephen & Marie-Hélène Somerville

Some donors wish to remain anonymous.

Last update : Wednesday 11 May 2016