The Burgess Programme

Terms and conditions
Applications are submitted once a year.
For the 2022 session, applications will be open from October to December 2021.
The Burgess committee will meet in January and replies will be given in February 2022.
Please note that the Burgess Grant will only be paid to the publisher as long as the book displays the French Institute’s logo and the mention: “This book is supported by the Institut français (Royaume-Uni) as part of the Burgess programme”, so please consider the printing schedule before applying.

Once the book is published, we will ask you for the publisher’s bank details: a copy of the top part of a bank statement with the company name, account number and Sort Code and the IBAN and BIC Code or an official document issued by the bank, under 6 months old.

As part of the selection process, we will look at the way publishers intend to promote the book and its author once published – whether it be bringing the author over, setting up events with the translator or mentioning the Institut français’ support as part of any press coverage.
We will also ask for a sales report after the book has been published.

One same publisher can submit up to 5 applications a year. In case of multiple applications, please indicate an order of priority.
The Burgess grant only covers translation costs but is compatible with most of other funding programs. Please, let us know which other programs you have applied to so that we can help you best.

Selection criteria

  • quality of the text to be translated
  • consistency of the file and strength of the argumentation in favour of its publication
  • potential of the book for the British publishing market
  • strength of the promotional actions surrounding the book publication

How to apply
Send the following documents by post to:

Louise Cambau – Book office
Burgess Programme
23 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EL
  • a copy of the French book(s)
  • a catalogue and backlist (only one needed in case of multiple applications)

The following documents will have to be uploaded:
– a formal letter of application and presentation of the policy on translation
– a copy of the contracts with the French publisher
– a copy of the contract with the translator
– a proposed publicity schedule detailing how the publishers intend to publicise the author in the UK, in the run-up to, and surrounding the book’s publication

Burgess Programme supervisor
020 7073 1303

Burgess form


    About you

  • About the book

  • Book in French

  • Book in English

  • Translator

  • Documents to upload (.pdf ou .word)