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Friday 18 January, 8.00pm

£8, conc. £6

season 4, episode 1 | cert. 18 | in French with English subtitles
UK Premiere

France | 2012 | col | 52 mins | screenwriters Anne Landois and Eric de Barahir, dir. Jean Marc Brondolo; with Caroline Proust, Grégory Fitoussi, Philippe Duclos, Audrey Fleurot

This French TV sensation is a dark and labyrinthine Parisian crime drama with shades of CSI, The Wire and 24. Captain Laure Berthaud’s team is confronted with a group of ultra-left activists advocating urban guerilla warfare, while lawyer Pierre Clément tackles organised crime and Judge Roban investigates flaws in the legal system.

Introduced by actor Grégory Fitoussi

Courtesy of BBC4