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Totally Serialized is back

You’ve blazed through box sets, caught up on all the unmissables and asked your friends for recommendations… If you can’t find inspiration and are looking for your next TV series fix, fear not: Totally Serialized is back from 16 to 19 January!

The festival that hosted exclusive premieres of Spiral, brought The Returned to the big screen before it became a success on the small one, and kept you awake with wild marathons of Misfits and Doctor Who, is gearing up for a third season of European TV shows that promises to be bigger, better and more fun than ever!

Discover the small screen’s strongest heroines with our Leading Ladies strand, go on heart-racing adventures with our special focus on political thrillers, laugh yourself silly with our Cult Comedy Marathon, feel tingles down your spine with our Saturday Fright Night, and more!

It’s time for four days of discoveries and larger than life favourites, special behind-the-scenes peeks and frightfully good shows… it’s time to get totally serialized!

Check out the full programme