Howard Curtis has been translating professionally since 1985. He translates from French, Italian and Spanish for a wide variety of publishers in the UK and the USA and has been awarded a number of prizes. He has mostly translated contemporary fiction, but is particularly pleased to be involved with the current Penguin project to retranslate the works of his favourite writer, Georges Simenon.

• Recent book translations :
2017 (July), Maigret and the dead Girl (Penguin) – Maigret et la jeune morte, Georges Simenon (Presses de la Cité)
2017 (May), Maigret’s Mistake (Penguin) – Maigret se trompe, Georges Simenon
2017, The Principle (Europa Editions) – Le principe, Jérôme Ferrari (Actes Sud)
2016, The Penalty Area (Europa Editions) – La Surface de réparation, Alain Gillot (Flammarion)
2016 (Aug), Madame Maigret’s Friend (Penguin) – L’Amie de Madame Maigret, Georges Simenon (Presses de la Cité)
2016 (Aug), Maigret’s Memoirs (Penguin) – Les Mémoires de Maigret, Georges Simenon (Presses de la Cité)
2016 (Aug), The Angels Die (Gallic Books) – Les Anges meurent de nos blessures, Yasmina Khadra (Julliard)
2016, The Carousel of Desire [co-translated with Katherine Gregor] (Europa Editions) – Les Perroquets de la Place d’Arezzo, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (Albin MIchel)
2016 (Nov), The Snow was Dirty (Penguin) – La Neige était sale, Georges Simenon (Presses de la Cité)
2015, Guys Like Me (New Vessel Press) – Les Types comme moi, Dominique Fabre (Fayard)
2015, The African Equation (Gallic Books) – L’Équation africaine, Yasmina Khadra (Julliard)
2015, The Cellars of the Majestic (Penguin) – Les Caves du Majestic, Georges Simenon (Gallimard)
2015, The Judge’s House (Penguin) – La Maison du Juge, Georges Simenon (Gallimard)