Josephine BACON


Josephine Bacon is an author, translator and food writer, as well as a historian. She has written 20 books, three of them about fungi, two about Jewish history (“Historical Atlas of Judaism” and “Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization”) and the rest on the subject of food. She also contributed to the Encyclopedia Judaica, Food Lives (article about Dorothy Hartley) and the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink. Josephine Bacon is the translator of more than 100 books from French and Hebrew, most of them about food, wine, art and history. She is also a simultaneous and a court interpreter. Bacon translates many book proposals for leading French publishers as well as museum guide and catalogues.

• Recent book translations :
2015, Versailles (various authors) for Abbeville, USA
2015, Un Monde de Violences, Jean-Michel Parenti, for Palgrave Macmillan
From French an illustrated life of Marcel Proust, original translations from “Remembrance of Things Past”

• Translations and editions in progress :
Children’s book about wine making in the USA, for English readers.

• Recent books written :
2015, Mushrooms and Fungi of Great Britain and Europe, published by John Beaufoy