Paul Buck and Catherine Petit work together on translation into English from French. Catherine Petit is a Belgian born French translator. Paul Buck works as a poet, writer, playwright, artist, performer, translator and teacher in the visual arts. As well as founding the seminal magazine Curtains, which blasted French contemporary writing into British culture, he is the author, editor and translator of numerous published and unpublished works, appended in this book as Selected Context.

• Recent book translations :
2017 (Mar), Eden, Eden, Eden, Pierre Guyotat, (Vauxhall & Company)
2016, Camille, Camille, Camille, Sophie Jabès (play)
2016, Pierre Guyotat : Revolutions and Aberrations, (Stephen Barber)
2014, The testament of the Dead Daughter, Colette Thomas, (Vauxhall & Company)
2014, Rendez-vous in Venice, Philippe Beaussant, (Pushkin Press)
2014, The immortal Adolescent, Pierre Klossowski, (Vauxhall & Company)

• Translations and editions in progress :
The first book in English by Joë Bousquet