Natasha Lehrer


Natasha Lehrer has been translating fiction and non-fiction from French to English since 2015. She won the 1917 Scott Moncrieff Prize for translation from French (with Cécile Menon) for Suite for Barbara Loden, by Nathalie Léger, which was also shortlisted for the French-American prize and the Albertine Prize. She is also a literary critic, writing regularly for the TLS and other journals, and an award-winning feature writer. She has an MPhil in Comparative Literature from the University of Paris VIII. She lives in Paris.

Recent and forthcoming translations include:

2019 – Memories of Low Tide, by Chantal Thomas (Pushkin Press)
2019 – The Chinese Intelligence Services, from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping, by Roger Faligot (Hurst/OUP)
2019 – Doves Among Hawsk: Struggles of the Israeli Peace Movement, by Samy Cohen (Hurst/OUP) (with Cynthia Schoch)
2018 – The Survival of the Jews in France, by Jacques Semelin (Hurst/OUP) (with Cynthia Schoch
2018 – A Call for Revolution, by the Dalai Lama (Penguin Random House) (with Georgia de Chamberet)
2018 – The Sacred Conspiracy, by George Bataille et al (Atlas Press)
2017 – The Punishments of Hell, by Robert Desnos (Atlas Press)
2016 – Equipée: Journey to the Land of the Real, by Victor Segalen (Atlas Press)
2015 – Suite for Barbara Loden, by Nathalie Léger (Les Fugitives) (with Cécile Menon)