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Test de Connaissance du Français

Prepare for the Test de Connaissance du Français required if you want to apply at French universities, if you want to submit an immigration application at a Quebec immigration office, or for anybody who wants to have their French language skills assessed to apply for the French nationality.


TCF Tout Public

  • Compulsory: £130
  • Speaking: £68
  • Writing: £68

TCF Québec

  • Listening Comprehension: £68
  • Reading Comprehension: £68
  • Speaking: £68
  • Writing: £68

TCF pour l’accès à la nationalité française

  • Listening Comprehension and Speaking: £130


Date Deadline at 3pm TCF Tout Public TCF Québec TCF pour l’accès
à la nationalité française
Friday 24th March 20th February Yes
Friday 19th May 17th April Yes
Friday 21th April 20th March Yes
Friday 23rd June 22nd May Yes
Friday 24th February 27th January Yes
Friday 31st March 28th February Yes
Friday 28th April 28th March Yes
Friday 26th May 20th April Yes
Friday 30th June 30th May Yes


Entry form

Download the 2017 entry form