Our Strengths

    Our French courses cover culture, business, and professional aspects taught by French native speakers. We offer flexible online or onsite courses for groups or one-to-one.
    Our 100 instructors are highly qualified, native French speakers. They’re trained in the latest teaching methods, and they’re experts in online teaching.
    Our approach is friendly and communicative. All classes are in French, so you’ll get plenty of practice.
    At our centres in South Kensington and Kentish Town, you’ll have access to the latest technology and teaching aids.
    We’ll make sure you’re in the right class, and we’ll monitor your progress regularly. You can receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of your course.

Join the 7000 students who choose to learn French with us every year – we’d love to have you!

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Your Path to Success

Your Learning Journey Starts with Us

Beginner (A1)
60 hours
Elementary (A2)
120 hours
Intermediate (B1)
120 hours
Fluent (B2)
120 hours
Expert (C1)
120 hours
Mastery (C2)
A1.1 (30 h)
A1.2 (30 h)
A2.1 (30 h)
A2.2 (30 h)
A2.3 (30h)
A2.4 (30h)
B1.1 (30h)
B1.2 (30h)
B1.3 (30h)
B1.4 (30h)
B2.1 (30 h)
B2.2 (30 h)
B2.3 (30h)
B2.4 (30h)
C1.1 (30 h)
C1.2 (30 h)
C1.3 (30h)
C1.4 (30h)


Assess your Level

Book a free level assessment to find out your level of French proficiency in minutes.



Customise your Learning

Why not give a personal touch to your learning? You can add private combo classes on top of your French classes to boost your confidence and meet your personal needs.

An excellent opportunity to combine group-based General French with the personal attention that comes from individual tuition at our premises. This offer includes carefully tailored training programme with 90-minute Private Tuition sessions (Monday to Friday only). Please note that only one combo per group course can be purchased.

  • Combo 1
    1* 90min of Private Tuition | £90
  • Combo 2
    2* 90min of Private Tuition | £180
  • Combo 3
    4* 90min of Private Tuition | £348

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Get Ready for your French Course

Find out which textbook and exercise book you will use in your General French classes.
Fees are exclusive of books. Please wait the confirmation from your teacher during the first lesson before purchasing your textbooks.

A1.1, A1.2, A2.1 A2.2, A2.3, A2.4
  • Défi 1 – Livre de l’élève
    (EAN: 9788419236531 – Niveau A1)
  • Défi 1 – Cahier d’exercices
    (ISBN: 9788417249656)
  • Défi 2 – Livre de l’élève
    (EAN: 9788419236555 – Niveau A2)
  • Défi 2 – Cahier d’exercices
    (ISBN: 9788417249663)
B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4 B2.1, B2.2, B2.3, B2.4
  • Défi 3 – Livre de l’élève
    (EAN: 9788419236562 – Niveau B1)
  • Défi 3 – Le Cahier d’exercices
    (ISBN: 9788417249670)

Please check with your tutor on the day of the class

  • Défi 4 – Livre de l’élève
    (EAN: 9788419236579 – Niveau B2)
  • Défi 4 – Le Cahier d’exercices
    (ISBN: 9788417249687)

C1.1, C1.2, C1.3, C1.4

  • Défi 5 – Livre de l’élève
    (EAN: 9788419236586 – Niveau C1)
  • Défi 5 – Le Cahier d’exercices
    (EAN: 9788418224423 – Niveau C1)

No textbook required

All these books are available for purchase round the corner from the Institut français at Librairie La Page.


Get your French Certified

Your French level will be assessed according to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for language learning. Each unit takes 30 hours to complete.

You can get official accreditation for your French at the end of each stage of your learning.



How to Register in a Few Minutes:

  1. Sign in to your account (or sign up)
  2. If you are a total beginner or a returning student proceed to registration
  3. If you are unsure of your level, take a level assessment (or haven’t studied with us for more than 12 months) (It is also a great way to get a personalised advice from one of our teachers)
  4. Proceed to registration

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It Pays off to Enrol Early 

If your payment is received 21 days or more before the start date, you will benefit from a 5% discount on all group courses (except on our Live French e-Learning, Intensive Premium and French at Lunch and Booster Week courses).


Fees & Discounts Available


You can pay course fees:

  • By Card (all cards except American express) online, in person or over the phone.
  • Tuition fees based on pro rata basis will not be permitted.
  • Full payment, by card or bank transfer is required in order to confirm a place on your course.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot take deposits or accept payments by instalments.

The fees are not subject to VAT.


Additional fees:

Please note that textbooks are not included in the course fees.
For most General French courses you will have to get one textbook and one workbook (which together cost around £30).


Company Payments 

Students sponsored by their employer must supply an official order form stating that the company will be responsible for the payment of fees. An invoice will then be issued. 


Free Membership to the Institut français 

Your tuition fees include membership to the Institut for 1 year, with privileged access to a full range of cultural events and facilities. For details, visit the membership page. 


Cancellations and Refunds

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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Visit & Contact Us

  • In South Kensington
    Institut français, Language Centre, 13 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JN
  • In Kentish Town
     Collège Français Bilingue, 87 Holmes Road, NW5 3AX
    We also provide courses online via Microsoft Teams. Find out how to connect to Teams.


Get expert advice from our team. Contact us on 020 7871 3535 or at customer.relations@institut-francais.org.uk to make an appointment.

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