Bertrand Buchwalter Cultural Counsellor to the French Ambassador & Director, Institut français du Royaume-Uni
Louise Cambau Assistant to Cultural Counsellor & Book Department
Stéphane Foin Deputy Cultural Counsellor to the French Ambassador
Dragoslav Zachariev, Deputy Director and Audiovisual Attaché

Accounts Dept.

Stéphane Jouvet Accountant Director
Christine Midena Accountant
Astrid Azang Accountant


Stéphane Harzelec Secretary General, Human Ressources
Huyên Nguyen Assistant to the Secretary General
Nathalie Auger Human Resources Officer
Vanessa Fines Deputy Secretary General

Luana Kembou Accountant
Julie Wallon Accountant
Donia Hamza Receipt Handler
Guillaume Manouan IT Manager
Anne Rassindrame Receptionist
Vincent Cappucio Logistics
Jean-Pierre Dera Maintenance

Audiovisual & Ciné Lumière

Dragoslav Zachariev, Deputy Director and Audiovisual Attaché
Agathe Morisse Family & Schools Programme Manager
Diane Gabrysiak Head of Programming and Exhibition – Ciné Lumière
Loïc Lefrileux Head of Technical and Digital Media
Jean-Charles Hervé Deputy Technical Manager
Louanne Romain Audiovisual and Digital Media Technician

Books & Humanities

Mathias Rambaud Head of Dept.


Natacha Antolini Head of Dept.
Thomas Riley Marketing and PR Officer
Julia Bregeron Project Manager
Etienne Pontagnier Webmaster

Co-operation, Education & Language

Stéphane Foin Deputy Cultural Counsellor, Attaché for Co-operation In Education
Sarah Sangoï Assistant
Romain Devaux Language Attaché
Axelle Oxborrow DELF-DALF-(RU)
Mathilde Charras Assistant for Culture & Education

Co-operation, Higher Education

Florence Ferran Attaché for Higher Education

Fundraising & Development

Jeanne Gargam Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy
Charlotte Fechoz Partnerships Manager

Language Centre

Manuel Benchetrit Director
Anne Mary Assistant, Human Ressources
Marie-Laure Roberts Reception
Aline Colin Reception
Diane Konate Reception, Communication & Marketing
Kris Canakiah Private & Young Learners Lessons Coordinator
Stéphanie Léger Government Account Coordinator
Caroline Grison French Course Coordinator
Thierry Gauthier Corporate Account Coordinator
Sabrina Paillard Pedagogical Coordinator
Louise Cavrel Examinations Officer

Multimedia Library

Floriane Laurichesse Head of La Médiathèque & Culturethèque
Camille Ondet Deputy Director and Head of Adults’ Library
Polly Alexander Webmaster of culturetheque, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Nicolas Christian Database Administrator & Music Librarian
Flore Hodencq Children’s Librarian
Camille Philardeau Video games & Children’s Librarian

Visual & Performing Arts

Isabelle Manci Head of Dept., Cultural Attachée
Anna Schauder Classical Music Manager
Angela Blanc Visual Arts Manager
Mathilde Charras Assistant for Culture & Education