Book Department

The Book Department is dedicated to the promotion of French books in the United Kingdom, covering all genres (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, children books, poetry).

Information About Recent Publications

We inform interested publishers, translators and readers of new publications in French, translations into English, and recently awarded prizes.

Public Events and Festivals

We organise public events in connection with recent French publications and debates, featuring both French and British speakers. We also assist and support French authors coming to the UK (covering a part of the transportation costs, providing communication support) to participate in literature festivals or upon the request of publishers, booksellers, universities, etc.

Support for Publishers and Translators

We provide British professionals with information about subsidies for translation and residencies in France.
We also handle the Burgess Translation Programme, to which British publishers can apply once a year for a subsidy towards translation costs. Applications for support towards books to be published in 2021 are now open, closing early December 2020.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.


Mathias Rambaud / 020 7073 1307
French Book Office / 020 7073 1318 / @frenchbooksuk
South Ken Kids Festival / 020 7073 1345 / @southkenkids
23 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EL