Visual & Performing Arts

The Institut français du Royaume-Uni carries out a double mission of cultural cooperation in favour of the performing arts and the visual arts.

Connecting French Artists with the British Art Scene
Our mission is to assist French artists invited to show their work in the United Kingdom. In order to do so, we give financial support to the UK-based structures who display their work.
The art structures willing to initiate such projects are welcome to submit them to the Institut français du Royaume-Uni.

A Strong Commitment to Promoting New Artists
Since 2010, a specific programme has been devoted to the promotion of up-and-coming artists on both sides of the Channel:



A Franco-British Young Talent Support Programme

Fluxus supports young artists, French and British, who have mapped out a project in collaboration with art professionals in the other country.
Our aim is to help French and British professionals establish long-term work relationships, well beyond our initial support.

Fluxus supports three types of actions:
– Our Young Artists Programme applies to exhibition projects and residencies.
– Our Young Curators Programme applies to residencies and admission fees in curatorial programmes.
– Our Young Designers Programme applies to exhibition projects and admission fees in design/fashion schools.

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En Scène!


Launched in 2013, En Scène! is aimed at an ever growing British audience keen on discovering fresh new theatrical ventures. The program is now significantly widening its scope. Having started as a series of theatrical performances in French with English surtitles, this year it is turning into a proper creative crossroad, determined to promote French and francophone performing arts in all their richness and diversity. In a twofold meaning: En Scène! is not only focused on theatre, but also embraces all the performing arts – dance, circus, visual theatre and so on. Furthermore, En Scène! Intends to play an active role in defending a variety of topics, thus allowing politically committed artists to question – in an innovative way – the crucial issues faced by our society. Regardless of boundaries, this year, our ambitious line-up will be touching on burning matters of contention such as identity, isolation, migration and exile, with a particular highlight on women, be they directors, authors, choreographers or actors. In order to provide these original productions with as wide and diverse an audience as possible, En Scène! is focused on spreading them all across the United Kingdom, and not only in London. For this purpose, the French Institute is working jointly with numerous British institutions throughout the territory – Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow…

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Cross Channel Theatre


Cross-Channel Theatre is a platform aiming at promoting French new playwrights in the United-Kingdom.

Gathering British professionals, Cross Channel Theatre encourages the selection of contemporary drama and their translation into English. The selected plays are presented to professionals through staged readings.

Cross Channel Theatre is an initiative from Institut français du Royaume-Uni, in partnership with Artcena/CONTXTO.

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