An Act of Wonder and Gratitude

Mon 12 Feb
Special Screenings

A programme of artists’ moving image works which share reflections on technology, ritual and the more-than-human world as part of Serpentine Cinema.

This evening of screenings includes works by Patricia Dominguez, Kyriaki Goni, Agnieszka Polska, Laure Prouvost, Tabita Rezaire, Selvagem/Ailton Krenak, and Emilija Škarnulytė.

The programme will be accompanied by a live intervention by Patricia Dominguez, an artist, educator and earth defender, and musician Nicole L’Huillier.



Emilija Škarnulytė, Aphotic Zone, 2022
Tabita Rezaire, Premium Connect, 2016
Kyriaki Goni, The Mountain Islands Shall Mourn us Eternally (Data Garden Dolomites), 2022
Agnieszka Polska, The Book of Flowers, 2023
Laure Prouvost, Into all that is here, 2015
Patricia Dominguez, Matrix Vegetal, 2022
Selvagem/Ailton Krenak, Time and Love, 2022


  • Image: Patricia Dominguez, Matrix Vegetal, 2022. Still. Courtesy of the artist.

An Act of Wonder and Gratitude was originally curated by Lucia Pietroiusti, Serpentine Head of Ecologies, as part of the Woods: More-than-Human-Curiosity symposium. Organised by, the event takes place annually in the Orlické Mountains, Czech Republic. Woods operates at the intersection of contemporary art, the landscape, human health, and interspecies coexistence.

Part of Serpentine Ecologies