Adapted from Françoise Sagan’s ground-breaking novel of the same title, Otto Preminger’s Bonjour Tristesse follows Cecile (Jean Seberg), a decadent young girl who lives with her rich playboy father Raymond (David Niven). When Anne (Deborah Kerr), Raymond’s old love interest, comes to his villa for a visit and gets more and more comfortable there, Cecile is afraid that her lifestyle will be altered and sets out to make sure that it doesn’t. The score, by turns witty and romantic, was one of composer Georges Auric’s most popular.

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The screening on 5 May will be introduced by film critic and programmer Roberto Oggiano and followed by a discussion with the audience, as part of our film club, Finally Sunday. No booking is necessary (it’s free to attend), you just need to buy a ticket to the film.

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