Carte Blanche to CNAP/FID: Art Films Before the Night

Mon 29 Jan
Festivals & Series

To launch Art Matters/Moving Images, a new series of films in association with the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques/French Ministry of Culture) and the FID (Marseille International Film Festival), the Institut français du Royaume-Uni has given carte blanche to Pascale Cassagnau, Head of Audiovisual and New Media Collections at the CNAP, and Cyril Neyrat, Artistic Director of the FID Marseille, to create a programme of art films that echoes the Night of Ideas, taking place on 8 February.




Special Screenings

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A with Pascale Cassagnau and Cyril Neyrat, chaired by writer, lecturer and curator Filipa Ramos




Que quelque chose vienne / The Night Drags

dir. Mathilde Girard | 2023 | 70 mins

In Paris, when the lockdown curfew arrives, people go home. Every morning, someone wakes up alone. At night, a woman tells a taxi driver about her illness. Times are interwoven to ward off separation.


L’Enfance qui nous revient a l’éclat d’une étoile / Recurring Childhood Twinkles Like a Star

dir. Marylène Negro | 2021 | 19 mins

A descent into the circles of hell. And an escape. Recurring Childhood Twinkles Like a Star is a peregrination around Mount Etna, a cruel tale where voices, landscapes and a child meet. Around her, from this young and fleeting time, slowly gravitate and circulate figures from a distant memory, ruins, fresco of Death. A film that traces three temporalities: the instant, death, the beyond.