Disco Boy

From Fri 29 Mar to Tue 09 Apr
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Young Belarussian Aleksei has his sights set on the nightclubs of Paris. After a painful journey through Europe, he enlists in the Foreign Legion, in pursuit of a French passport. Fate, however, takes an unexpected turn, propelling Aleksei into the heart of the Niger Delta where Jomo, a fearless and charismatic revolutionary is battling insidious oil conglomerates that threaten his community’s existence. While Aleksei seeks a new family in the Legion, Jomo dreams of being a disco dancer; a “disco boy”. In the jungle, their paths converge, intertwining their destinies across borders, bodies, past and present, life and death.


Awarded a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for Outstanding Artistic Contribution, Disco Boy features an original score from electronic musician Vitalic.