Dr. Mabuse – The Gambler

From Sun 19 to Sun 26 Nov

Dr. Mabuse – The Gambler (Dr. Mabuse der Spieler) is the first film in Fritz Lang’s series based on Norbert Jacques’ novel.

The closest English translation of “der Spieler” would be the gambler, however in the German language it can also mean “the puppeteer” or “the performer” and all those words describe the titular character very well. He is the ultimate master of disguise and manipulation who seeks to build “a society of crime”. He is the true mould of many bogeymen to come and his character’s qualities echo through cinema and political history and the film feels shockingly relevant to the day.


Screenings with live piano accompaniment


Like at its original release in 1922 the film will be presented in two parts:

  • Part 1 – The Great Gambler: A Picture of the Time (Der große Spieler: Ein Bild der Zeit) on Sun 19 Nov at 13.00
  • Part 2 – Inferno: A Game for the People of Our Age (Inferno: Ein Spiel von Menschen unserer Zeit) on Sun 26 Nov 13.30



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Dr. Mabuse – The Gambler is presented by the Austrian Cultural Forum and Ciné Lumière as part of the CINE CONCERT cycle.