Invincible Summer

Mon 08 Jan
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Within the space of a sentence, the life of Olivier Goy changed entirely when he was told he only had 3 more years to live. From then on, Olivier intended to live his life to the fullest. As a spectator, we follow his new daily life as a committed entrepreneur passionate about technology, as a family man keen to preserve his cocoon, and as a patient with an incurable disease. The film also shows how the power of art (photography in this instance) can help deliver a message and raise awareness.

Invisible Summer aims to awaken consciousness and question the judgement of others and of ourselves, using disability and illness a pretext to speak to a wider audience about our tendency to undermine our own life due to misguided views on everyday problems.

Invisible Summer is clearly an ode to life and love. Nothing gloomy. Beauty, laughter, a few tears at times, but above all a furious desire to live.

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A committed project

All proceeds from this project will be donated to the Paris Brain Institute, located at the Pitié Salpétrière hospital in Paris, for ALS research. Olivier Goy already supports the Institute where he is a major donor. In addition, co-producers Mediawan and Olivier Goy are committed to donating all profits from the film to the Institute.