Sat 20 Jan

This programme of two short animated films celebrates the courage of Noée and Chenghua, two sheroins, two bold girls who try to find how they fit in the world.


The screening will be followed by a free philosophical discussion





Moules frites 

FRA | 2021 | dir. Nicolas Hu | 26 mins

Noée, a 9-year-old girl, just joined her mother on the island of Bénac’h in Brittany. She discovers that all of the kids here have known each other forever and that they all know how to sail. And Noée wants to try! But her mother doesn’t have the means to sign her up for sailing class.


Les Astres immobiles

FRA | 2022 | dir.(s) Noémi Gruner & Séléna Picque | 26 mins

Chenghua is 9 years old and has to prepare a presentation on Space with her best friend. She can’t find the time she needs, as her parents are constantly asking her to translate for them. Chenghua’s parents don’t speak French and are so dependent on their child that they don’t realise they’re putting too much weight on her shoulders. Chenghua can’t take it anymore and is looking to break away from her family. Her desire for space and her natural enthusiasm will help her take the plunge.