No Dogs or Italians Allowed

Thu 26 Oct

Luigi and his brothers set out from their native village in the Piedmont, off to discover “La Merica”, the fabulous land where dollars grow on trees. But instead of crossing the Atlantic, Luigi puts his backpack down in southern France. Alain Ughetto lays out an immortal, cyclical story of love and family, poverty and prosperity, accident and fortune. But the content moves well beyond sentimental nostalgia: two World Wars, the rise of fascism and the Spanish flu epidemic, or the more joyous Tour de France among other momentous signs of the 20th century, all mark this sometimes tragic (but never solemn) reconstruction. A splendid, life-affirming portrait, No Dogs or Italians Allowed won the Jury Award at the 2022 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.