Twittering Soul (3D)

Mon 03 Jun
Special Screenings

Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevičius’ period piece Twittering Soul is set in the late 1800s, yet it is haunted by the spectre of the twentieth century. Communities that do not possess political autonomy nurture parallel, alternative stories, refusing colonialism and the traumatic modernisation it entails. This, often labelled ‘wild’, indigenous condition ends with the formation of sovereign political institutions, in other words, nation-states. Twittering Soul reconstructs precisely the period before the establishment of the modern Republic of Lithuania.

The late 1800s is the dawn of automobiles, human aviation, psychoanalysis and of course, cinema. Indifferent to, but not ignorant of, these historical upheavals, a small wooded village in southern Lithuania prepares for doomsday. Two women discuss afterlife, an itinerant musician witnesses strange happenings on his journey, accounts of stones that grow in size and float in the air, a band of faeries weave busily away in a cottage, a feudal lord pores over an optical contraption as his daughter is warned about the witches that haunt a nearby tree. The nature of these events remains mysterious, the connection between them tenuous. Like Breughel’s Netherlandish Proverbs, the film weaves them into a sumptuous, mystical rural tapestry embodying a distinct, pre-modern conception of life and beyond.

Please note that this screening is in 3D, and 3D glasses will be provided.

Special Screening

Followed by a Q&A with director Deimantas Narkevičius and writer and filmmaker Juliet Jacques

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About our guests


Deimantas Narkevičius (b. 1964 Utena, Lithuania; lives and works in Vilnius) started using film during the early nineties. His films exercise the intricate practice of memory and portray a contemporary society confronted with the painful process of history. His work is a part of numerous international permanent collections by such major art institutions as Tate Modern in London, Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and Reina Sofia in Madrid. His most recent solo exhibition in London took place at the Maureen Paley Gallery early this year.


Juliet Jacques is a writer and filmmaker based in London.

  • Image: Courtesy Maureen Paley Gallery

Supported by the Lithuanian Embassy in London, the film’s screenings are a part of the symposium on cultural heritage resilience and censorship organised and curated by Dr Gabriele Salciute Civiliene and presented by the department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London.