Two Options:


The themed boxes – For different levels of French

These boxes provide vital support for teachers as it gives students the tools and flexibility to learn French via a variety of subjects, allowing them either to work on a specific theme, to help them understand the world or by simply improving their personal development.
These boxes are for every level of French from Year 1 to Year 10 with a variety of novels, picture-books, comics, non-fiction books, DVDs and board games.


Here are the subjects you can study in class (please find the full list of items below):



Malle bleue, blanche, rouge – Boxes for beginners

For a first and general approach of French the Malles bleue, blanche and rouge will help your pupils acquire the Key stage 2 in French thanks to teaching contents and a variety of books, comics, DVDs, interactive books etc.

  • Malle Bleue presents the easiest level of French (A1.1)  
  • Malle Blanche (A1.2) for intermediate level of French for beginners
  • Malle Rouge (A2) for the most advanced level of French for beginners