The French Box

Give your pupils the opportunity to discover more of the French language and culture. With our boxes you will have the resources at hand to work on various subjects, with authentic and popular French books.

Who is it for?
Schools, teachers, school librarians in need of resources in French. The books could be displayed in the classroom or in the school library.
What’s in it?
Each box has at least 30 items: pictures books, interactive books, comic books, novels, non-fiction and bilingual books suited for ages 3 to 15 and sometimes board games and DVDs.
How much does it cost?
Borrowing the French Box is free but you will have to organise and pay for transport back and forth of the Box after 6 weeks. The total weight is about 8kg, which via RoyalMail through 48h tracked is about 17£.
How long can I borrow it for?
You can borrow the box for 6 weeks minimum. If the box is not booked after you, it can go up to 10 weeks.
What are the conditions?
We ask that you replace any document you have lost or damaged beyond repairs and that you answer our emails regarding the return of the box in a timely manner.
The content of the box is always checked by us before we sent it to a school, but sometimes you will receive the box from the school who borrowed it before you. It is therefore important that you report us any problem with documents once you received a box, otherwise you will be accountable for any missing or damaged document once we check it again.
How to book and receive your box?
To have more information about the boxes and to book one, please contact La Médiathèque at
How far our boxes have travelled?
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The themed boxes – For different levels of French
These boxes provide vital support for teachers as it gives students the tools and flexibility to learn French via a variety of subjects, allowing them either to work on a specific theme, to help them understand the world or by simply improving their personal development.
These boxes are for every level of French from Year 1 to Year 10 with a variety of novels, picture-books, comics, non-fiction books, DVDs and board games.
Here are the subjects you can study in class (please find the full list of items below):

Malle bleue, blanche, rouge – Boxes for beginners
For a first and general approach of French the Malles bleue, blanche and rouge will help your pupils acquire the Key stage 2 in French thanks to teaching contents and a variety of books, comics, DVDs, interactive books etc. The Malle bleue presents the easiest level of French (A1.1) followed by the Malle Blanche (A1.2) and finally the most advanced level of French for beginners is the Malle Rouge (A2).