Cultural Diversity & Black History Month

Tue 22 Oct
School Activities

Immerse your pupils in French culture for a full day with linguistic or cultural activity in the morning and a school screening in the afternoon.


10:30am – Activity

Choose between the 2 following activities:

  • Library Activity (A level) : With the help of our librarian learn about the different waves of immigration that have enriched French culture from the 20th century until today.
  • Language Activity (A level) : Through the comedy “Tout Simplement Noir” discuss the many levels of multiculturalism and social integration in France.


12pm – Lunch break


12:45pm – School Screening

Tout Simplement Noir 

cert. TBC | by Julien Chheng & Jean-Christophe Roger, 2022, 80′, animation, in French with English subtitles

In this politically incorrect comedy for which Jean-Pascal Zadi was awarded the Most Promising Actor’s César, JP, a wannabe actor, decides to organise the first large Black-Lives-Matter style protest in France to fight what he perceives as bigotry and racism. As he comically struggles to put together his march, which is set to take place in Paris’ Place de la République, he makes various encounters, often burlesque, sometimes tragic, with members of the community, activists, the police… 


2:40pm – End of the day