In Conversation with Brigitte Giraud

Fri 22 March

Join multi-awarded author Brigitte Giraud in conversation with celebrated writer Lucie Paye as part of the Mois de la Francophonie.

Winner in 2022 of France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, Brigitte Giraud will present her latest book Vivre vite, a highly-strung tale which unfolds with the tension of a real-life countdown. 

In this riveting book, Brigitte Giraud seeks to understand what led to the motorbike accident that cost the life of her husband. Twenty years after his death, she examines the matter from every angle, and for one last time pores over all the questions that have remained unanswered. Was it chance, destiny, a series of coincidences? She looks back on the final days which turned into a chain of unpredictable events, and which ultimately led to what had become inevitable.

Praised by critics and the public alike, Vivre vite was also elected as the Choix Goncourt UK 2023 by a jury of students from 15 UK universities. The event will be followed by a book signing session with Brigitte Giraud.

About our guests

Brigitte Giraud is a French writer of novels and short stories. In 1997, she published her first novel, La chambre des parents. Several books followed, novels, stories and collections of short stories. She won the 2007 Goncourt short story prize for her collection L’amour est très surestimé, the 2009 Jean Giono jury prize for Une année étrangère and the special mention of the Wepler prize for À présent. In November 2022, she was awarded the Prix Goncourt 2022 for her latest book, Vivre vite.

Lucie Paye‘s debut novel Les coeurs inquiets was published to critical acclaim during the first lockdown in France in March 2020, in Éditions Gallimard’s prestigious Collection Blanche. Further to studies at the École du Louvre, she published several works on garden history before a career in arts management. She lived in California for several years and now lives in London, with her two children.