Living Memories with Ensemble Sequenza 9.3

Sun 16 June

Catherine Simonpietri, choral conductor
& singers

Discover a collection of patrimonial songs from the French département of Seine-Saint-Denis in the Parisian banlieue by the Ensemble Sequenza 9.3. In the Olympic spirit of sport performances, this artistic project shows the cultural diversity of this the “world department” and brings all generations together.


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This is a drop in event suitable for families with children aged 7+. 

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Arr. Coralie Fayolle, Akatombo (Japan)
Fabien Touchard, Look how the light (based on The Waves by Virginia Woolf) Vox Humana! based on Allah, Allah Ya baba (Tunisia), Silverstrig (Brittany), El cant dels ocells (Catalonia)
Arr. François Saint-Yves, Nanna di Palleca (Corsica)
Arr. Coralie Fayolle, Ilgaz (Turkey)
Arr. Alexandros Markeas, Kolonkini Radha (Bangladesh), Szła dziewecka do laseczka (Poland)
Arr. François Saint-Yves, Nana (Spain)
Arr. Coralie Fayolle, Nami ya Hanin Yami (Palestine)
Arr. François Saint-Yves, Dormi, Dormi O bel Bambin (Italy)
Arr. Coralie Fayolle, Yeroushalayim Shel Zahav (Israel)
Alexandros Markeas, Les cueilleuses de Lentisques (Greece), Al Ya Zain (Egypt), Peri Peri (Greece)



This event is part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival taking place from 15 to 16 June in south Kensington.


In residency at the Departemental Parc Jean-Moulin-Les Guilands and the city of Pantin, the vocal Ensemble Sequenza 9.3 is supported by the Seine-Saint-Denis Departement and the Regional Direction of Cultural Affaires Île-de-France – Ministère de la Culture. It is a member of the networks FEVIS and Futurs Composés and an Ambassador of Seine-Saint-Denis.