Music Rendezvous with La Féline 

Fri 24 Nov
Books & Ideas

As part of her UK tour, French indie pop artist La Féline will pop in at the Institut français for a special concert of “Wistful, inventive, charming and dreamily uplifting pop” (Joyzine)!

She will present her latest album, Tarbes, a combination of folk with groove and electronic sounds which delivers a unique brand of carefully crafted French pop.

La Féline (whose real name is Agnès Gayraud) is also a philosopher and a writer. Pop music, in the broadest sense, is the subject of her first book, Dialectic of Pop – published in the UK by Urbanomic in 2020 – which is a brilliant and accessible attempt to define pop music as a distinct artform.

La Féline will perform in the listed Art Deco library of the Institute and will then discuss the book with music journalist David McKenna.