With a career spanning over 60 years and some 140 films, from the iconic works of the New Wave to the cinema essays he became known for, Jean-Luc Godard, who passed away in September 2022, was the epitome of cinema.

With this season, Ciné Lumière aims to offer a critical perspective to different periods of Godard’s filmmaking, with talks by prominent scholars and Godard specialists, to help navigate this huge, at times difficult, and often joyful body of work. We’ll also explore his wide and ongoing influence on contemporary filmmakers, artists and fashion designers.

Over the years, Godard has created his own public persona, his sole name became a mythology in itself. He has now left us with his many films to discover or watch again, as a testimony to the strength of cinema and the moving image.

Uncompromising, formidable, Godard has left a rich, multiple and multiform body of work and has also generated his own sea of publications. From his association to the creation of what became known as the ‘cinéma d’auteur’, his many encounters often followed by radical breaks, his love and profound knowledge of film history, his undying curiosity for new technologies of the image, his endless play with words and language, as well as his strong, often total political commitments, his complex view of the world transpires in his critical essays and films.


  • Image: © Philippe Doumic/Unifrance