Following its Artistic Committee in December 2023, Fluxus Art Projects announces its new laureates. 17 projects have been selected, including 12 in the UK, 4 in France, and 6 curatorial research trips.

The Artistic Committee has selected projects that reflect the values of Fluxus: high artistic standards, a taste for experimentation, parity, diversity, cross-generational choices, a variety of scales of institutions supported and their location in and outside capital cities, and the importance given to social and environmental issues.


The selected projects in the UK are:

  • Barbican Art Gallery, London x Soufiane Ababri
  • Burning House Books/Good Press x Jordan Derrien and Marcel Devillers
  • Décalé, London x Arash Nassiri, Chooc Ly Tan and Assia Ghendir
  • Eastside Projects, Birmingham x Melissandre Varin
  • Flax Arts Studio / Golden Thread gallery, Belfast x Azzedine Saleck
  • Hayward Gallery, London x Michel Blazy
  • ICA, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London x Valentin Noujaïm
  • Mimosa House, London x Fatima Mazmouz and Myriam Omar Awadi
  • Mostyn, Llandundno x Noémie Goudal
  • Void Art Centre, Derry x Stéphane Verlet Bottéro
  • Whitechapel Gallery, London x Zineb Sedira
  • Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield x Noémie Soula


The selected projects in France are:

  • ACB Scène Nationale, Bar-le-Duc x Natalie Taylor
  • Centre d’art contemporain de Nîmes x Harilay Rabenjamina, Debora Delmar, Georgina Hill, Margot Pietri, Anaïs Tohé-Commaret, Alex Margo Arden, Matthias Garcia, George Rouy, Eva Gold, Tarek Lakhrissi, Mary Hurrel, Youri Johnson, Elsa Brés and Joey Holder
  • Le 19, CRAC de Montbéliard x Assemble Collective
  • Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon x Tereza Bušková, Pogus Caesar and Luke Routledge


The selected curatorial research trips from UK-based curators are:

  • Marie-France Kittler
  • Kitty Anderson
  • Sean Elder


The selected curatorial research trips from France-based curators are:

  • Georgia René-Worms
  • Marie de Brugerolle
  • Rosanna Puyol Boralevi