Business French ‘Ecofin’

Starting 1 May

This course will help you communicate in French on Economics, Business and Finance with confidence in a professional environment.


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More about the course

  • Objectives
    To develop your communication and debating skills and improve your listening comprehension using authentic documents.
  • Learning approach
    There will be discussion (e.g. on French and international news), debates and activities addressing economic affairs (banking, finance, insurance, business, international relations, etc.) in a dynamic way.
  • Resources
    Authentic documents (newspaper articles, magazines, radio and television clips and blogs) will help to consolidate the learner’s written and oral French (correcting accent and syntax, distinguishing different registers, understanding the implicit) and facilitate quick and fluent speaking.
  • Tutor
    Anne de Chillaz has years of experience in major investment banks as advisor to governments, implementing development projects.
    She is experienced in teaching French as a foreign language.
  • Suggestions
    Our students often round up their learning journey with an Ecofin course or another specialised French course. If you seek official recognition of your level, an exam is ideal like the Diplôme de Français Professionnel – Affaires – Niveau C1. Please note the IFRU is currently not an examination centre for CCIP exams. For other exam locations please refer to the CCI Paris Ile-de-France website:

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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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