French Through Creative Writing – Atelier d’écriture

Starting 8 October

For those wishing to combine language learning with creativity and imagination.

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  • Objectives
    Be inspired to write your own French texts (fiction, poetry, plays, biographies, etc.), discover writing techniques, and develop your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in a creative and enjoyable environment.
  • Learning approach
    The workshop will focus on activities which promote creativity – imitation and modification of texts, the use of stimuli or ‘triggers’ (images and texts), literary games followed by discussions on the work produced – and which combine oral and written skills.
  • Resources
    Any material which can stimulate and inspire us in our writing.
  • Tutor
    All our tutors are University trained and native speakers. Catherine Gaitte is specialised in teaching French as a foreign language and has extensive knowledge of French and British media.
  • Suggestions
    To explore more about French culture, our students often round up their learning journey with another of the Culture and Society course  or a general French course. If you seek official recognition, an exam is ideal!

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Click here if you wish to select another type of course

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