French Philosophy

Starting 10 October

Dive into French Philosophy: From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Debates, join us on a Journey of Insight and Discourse! You will discover French philosophy and reflect on its impact on our modern world. 

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More about the course


  • Objectives
    The aim of this course is mainly to debate, discuss and reflect on some of the main universal philosophical questions, reflections of our time. This course offers insights into influential French-speaking thinkers and various philosophical.
  • Learning approach
    This course does not require to be an expert on philosophy, only to bring and share your own reflection and perception on topics such as : identity, freedom, happiness, tolerance, art and many others. Throughout the course, active student participation is encouraged, with discussions enriching the learning experience.
  • Tutor
    All our tutors are University trained and native speakers. Tutors: Marie-Laure Balistreri or Tutor: Annaëlle Narcy
  • Resources
    The material for this course will be based on articles, texts, and various documents by philosophers and thinkers, as support for discussion. You will familiarise yourself with the material which will then be analysed, discussed and contextualised in class. 
  • Suggestions
    To complement their knowledge of French culture, our students often round up their learning journey with another of the Culture and Society course such as Contemporary Literature, or a general French course. 


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