Private Tuition

With Private Tuition, you will make quick progress with a teacher who focuses on your specific needs and helps you progress throughout your studies.

Designed to be effective, stimulating and practical, the content of each course is personalised to the individual, following a detailed pre-course needs analysis and language assessment.

Away from the distraction of a busy office or home life, our One-to-One programme gives participants the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the language, to practise speaking and listening skills over a period of time that they are free to choose, and to substantially improve their communication skills.

One to One Tuition

At the Institut français or online At home
Mon – Fri Sat Mon – Fri Sat
General £63/h £68/h £68/h £73/h
Specialized £68/h £73/h £73/h £78/h


M Kris Canakiah Private Tuition Co-ordinator
T: 020 7871 3533
If your company is willing to sponsor your French courses, contact our Corporate Department at

Online Tuition

Interested in improving your oral and listening skills? No time to come to the Institut but still want tailored, one-to-one lessons?
We provide a new, flexible way of learning French through our virtual classrooms.
Whether at home, work or on holiday, our experienced teachers are available anytime, giving you freedom to learn French at your own time.
You will be able to enjoy your course anywhere, and be able to focus on exactly what you want to achieve.
Contact us for more information: