#LesPetitesLeçonsdeFrançais is a series of short videos made for beginners of French who want to discover the language in a fun and easy way. Every two weeks, embark on a 2-minute journey to unveil the secrets of the language, find out tips and tricks to sound like a French person and order your baguette and pain au chocolat like no one else!


Lesson 2: How to Use Masculine and Feminine in French


Lesson 3: How to Say You Want Something in French


Lesson 4: How to Avoid 10 Common Mistakes in French

Lesson 5: 7 Tips for Your French Pronunciation


Lesson 6: How to Use Question Words in French


Lesson 7: How to Talk About Your Job in French

Lesson 8: How to Express an Opinion in French


Lesson 9: How to Order Something in French


Lesson 10: How to Use 10 Colloquial French Expressions


Lesson 11: How to Describe Someone in French


Lesson 12: How to Ask for Direction in French


Want to go further, visit: www.frenchcourses.org.uk
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Lessons designed by Camille Perdereau
Acting: Sharlit Deyzac
Video production and editing: Institut français du Royaume-Uni
With the support of the Institut français in Paris

©️ Institut français du Royaume-Uni