Podcast series My Lunch with Frank is the intimate, bitter-sweet and true story of how the adaptation of one of the greatest British musicals for the French stage was nearly made… and unmade. It’s about what happens when you meet your heroes… Starring Kester Lovelace, Oscar Lesage and Manon Clavel.

An intimate and true story about what happens when you meet your heroes…

It involves the most prestigious theatre in Paris, a few high-profile media partners, some of the best French musical actors….and a posh London restaurant.

Frank Williams, the author of acclaimed and multi-award-winning British musicals, had always been Lester’s beloved playwright and lyricist. Lester had read everything Frank had ever written; seen everything Frank had ever done. Lester believed they were meant to become friends. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen at the lunch …

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