Press Release | 18 Dec 2023



A film by Léa Domenach

Exclusive release at Ciné Lumière from 5 January 2024


Léa Domenach’s first feature film, Bernadette, in which Catherine Deneuve portrays the French first lady, Bernadette Chirac, is on exclusive release at Ciné Lumière from 5 January.

Lying between reality and fiction, this delicious comedy shines a new light on the first lady who became an icon of the nineties.

Léa Domenach will attend the two opening screenings on 5 January.


Having worked in the shadows to support her husband in his political career, Bernadette was expecting to get the recognition she deserved when she moved in the Elysée Palace following the election of President Jacques Chirac. She soon managed to steal the spotlight and become a major media figure.



Léa Domenach about Bernardette Chirac: “I found her to be funny and free-spirited, a long way from the idea I had of her and, above all with a story that deserved to be told. Bernadette Chirac’s life is like that of many women, who are just as educated as their husbands and yet end up stepping aside to make room for them”.

Léa Domenach about Catherine Deneuve: “She’s a passionate actor, who invests herself completely in a film and in a role and likes to do things she’s never done before. Her level of commitment drives people to give their best. Catherine Deneuve was never afraid of the character nor of challenging her image. She went into it with a lot of humour; I admire her courage and flexibility”.



Catherine Deneuve, Michel Vuillermoz, Denis Podalydès, Sara Giraudeau



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