A broader cultural offer

With the recent renovation of La Médiathèque, we have already managed to improve considerably one core aspect of our activity. This necessary improvement, however, does not stop there. Now that the Médiathèque project has been successfully completed, the Institut can focus on its other core activities. For our next step, we have decided to favour the sectors that attract the highest demand among our public, that is:
    Cinema: Ciné Lumière II, our new smaller cinema, will give the Institut more freedom to feature niche genres alongside big releases: short films, documentaries, visual arts… Moreover, the smaller size of this second cinema will free us from the commercial necessity to fill the 230-seat Ciné Lumière. As a result, the Institut will be able to better fulfil its mission of helping young talents gain visibility, by promoting young directors’ works without being constrained by commercial goals. Classical music: while we support many musical events throughout the UK, the Institut does not yet include a classical music offering within its walls – except for the yearly All about Piano festival. We know that demand is high for more regular musical programming, so we are planning to respond with a series of chamber music concerts on our distinguished Pleyel grand piano, soon to be renovated. Children’s activities: Young people have much to look forward to! New screening slots will be devoted to schools in the morning and children will also enjoy additional Ciné Kids weekly screenings. We will now offer the possibility of programming French Days (a day of full immersion into French culture) in the Ciné Lumière II Overall, the Institut aims to develop more comprehensive experiences for children, using all the spaces we have to offer. For instance, more video games workshops will be organized in partnership with the Médiathèque, and the future Youth CinéClub will be using both Les Salons and Ciné Lumière II.
Here are some of the other activities included in the fundraising project:
  • Artists’ residences
  • Masterclasses
  • The first two editions of Beyond Words festival
  • Networking events from professionals of the cultural sector
  • Conferences
  • Q&A sessions
  • Chamber music concerts
  • Press interviews

With Projet Lumière(s), you can help maintain the Institut’s position as a vitrine for all art forms...